Heat treating Tyler Herro and Bam Adebayo as ‘untouchable’ in trade talks

The Heat want stars.
They got one this summer in Jimmy Butler. Miami’s next star could come from within – Bam Adebayo and/or Tyler Herro, who has generated buzz this preseason.

Sean Deveney of Heavy:
“They’ve been firm on him and (Bam) Adebayo being untouchable,” one GM told Heavy.com before Herro’s explosive night. “Maybe they would move off of that as the season goes on, but as it stands, they think they’ve got the second coming of Klay Thompson offensively. They have not had a lot of useful guys on rookie contracts in past years and that’s killed their cap. They’ve got two now, they don’t want to let them go.”

I doubt Herro and Adebayo are totally untouchable. If the right star became available, Miami could change its stance. But that wasn’t Russell Westbrook. Bradley Beal? We’ll see if the Wizards ever make him available.

The No. 13 pick in this year’s draft, Herro is an excellent shooter with plenty of range. But Klay Thompson comparisons look off base. A large part of Thompson’s value is his defense. Herro has a long way to go to prove he’s not a defensive liability. (To be fair to the Heat, this is just some anonymous GM. He’s not necessarily conveying an assessment from Miami.)

Adebayo has looked good in his two NBA seasons. But the level of play for centers across the league is so high. It’s a tough position for creating value.

The Heat should be pleased to have both players. But they also can’t rest on their laurels and assume Herro and Adebayo will develop into prominent players on a contender.

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