Countries where online casinos can legally operate

Online casinos are gaining traction worldwide, and the number of countries that have legalised online gambling is growing at a sustained pace. Here are countries that allow online casinos.

There is not a single legislation that covers the legality of online casinos all around the world. Instead, most countries have their own local laws that deal with regulatory issues and further to this, differ widely from one region to another.

What this means is that whatever is legal depends mainly on your location. To further complicate matters, changes to legislation occur continuously. There are also countries where online gambling is neither regulated nor prohibited.

However, this article will be focusing on the countries where gambling websites must be licensed and regulated. Below are five nations which have fully legalised online gambling putting stringent laws and regulations in place.


Gambling at Online Casinos is legal in the UK, and the online casinos are governed and regulated by the UKGC. Operators keen on offering their services to the local audience have to abide by strict rules imposed by the Commission, which is in the player’s interest.


Japan regulates the industry with an iron fist ensuring players who choose to play at an do so in a safe and secure environment. Online operators need to apply for a license before they are allowed to offer Japanese punters access to their games.


Spain legalised gambling in 2011, and their unified legislation makes it easy for prospective casinos and bookies to apply for online casino licenses. The regulation of Gaming in Spain is at a Federal level where the rules imposed are by local political units. Spanish Online Casino enthusiasts have access to many operators licensed by the Spanish Gaming Act.


Germany, being the most prominent European Country with one of the most robust economies, has a vast amount of money available for online gambling. German law is stringent as can be expected, and this fully regulated activity allows operators not headquartered in Germany to accept players from their country, allowing their citizens access to various gaming options.

Other Countries that allow Online Casinos to operate in their domain include Alderney, Denmark, India, New Zealand and some states in the USA.

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Summing Up

Thirty-two countries prohibit local operators form operating without licenses, yet gambling sites that operate from abroad are allowed to offer their services to local residents. These include Armenia, Seychelles, Greece, Monaco, Canada, Norway, Sweden and many more.

When it comes to legal online operators, they can offer their services in Austria, Finland, France, Denmark, United Kingdom and the Netherlands only with local licenses though.

There are close to 100 countries that do not prohibit online casinos, nor do they license them. Among these countries are the Bahamas, Venezuela, Argentina, Kenya, Bolivia and Kosovo.

Editing by Rachel Hu