Gambling in Singapore: All you need to know

Even though online gambling in Singapore is possible, the government is not terribly fond of gambling, so better pay attention to the local restrictions in case to get in trouble!

The country is home to two of the best casino resorts in Asia, while tourists can gamble without problem, locals must pay SGD100 every time when visit.

No matter you are just visiting the city state or have been a resident for years, this article will show you everything you need to know about gambling in .

Best Casinos In Singapore

Marina Bay Sands

It has close to 500 tables to play, more than 1500 slot machines and over 30 VIP gaming rooms. With 15,000 square meters of casino space to enjoy, there are so many things to do. Minimum bets start at SGD25 and vary depending on the table you play. 

Resorts World Sentosa

The casino also covers 15,000 square meters of land and has the biggest casino games in Singapore. The poker room is separate from the rest of the casino and drinks are free of charge. Games start with blinds as low as SGD10/20 with the rake capped at 5%.

Aegean Paradise Cruise

There are 40 live tables to play and hundreds of slot machines too. Compared to mainland casinos, the minimum bets are far lower at around SGD2 a bet, so players can take full advantage. There is an entry fee to access the cruise casino, with prices starting at SGD25.

In Singapore

Whenever ready to start, you are most welcome to use Singapore dollars on most sites. Be aware though that since it’s not a major world currency, the majority of sites will either have US dollars, UK sterling or Euros as their main denomination.

Generally speaking, you must be aged 21 and over to gamble online in Singapore, but there are many offshore online casinos that accept players aged 18 and over too.

The best sites have great exchange rates so you get the most for your money when either deposit or withdraw into your account. Another advantage of playing online is that Singapore doesn’t have a hosting centre for any of these major sites.

All of the online casinos you can use are based abroad and fall out of the government’s restrictions, meaning that there’s no need to rely on the gambling commission for where the site is based. Just ensure that you pick somewhere that clearly displays their licensing credentials and who they are operated by.

in Singapore

Remote Gambling Act

Under the RGA, “gambling” is broadly defined to betting, gaming, and participating in a lottery. The RGA defines “betting” to include the staking of money or its worth on the outcome of a horse-race or sporting event.

Also, RGA has effectively banned online gambling in Singapore, meaning that you won’t be able to find any local sites to play on. This law doesn’t just affect Singaporean betting companies in the country either as the government has blocked several of the world’s biggest sites. 

Common Gaming Houses Act

Under the CGHA, “gaming” refers to any game involving an element of chance, or of mixed chance and skill, where players stand to gain money or its worth of rewards. The CGHA also regulates public lotteries, which is defined as a lottery to which the public or any class of the public has or may have access.

When is online gambling legal? 

Online gambling is legal if it is done through an exempt operator. Currently, only Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club have been granted certificates of exemption under the RGA.

What is the minimum age to gamble?

The minimum age to gamble legally in Singapore varies according to the venue of the gambling activity. Generally, you have to be at least 18 years of age to gamble in Singapore.

For example, Singapore Pools only allows individuals aged 18 and above to buy 4D or TOTO, or placing horse racing bets. To have an account with Singapore Pools, you need to be at least 21 years old.

Under the Casino Control Act, you have to be at least 21 years of age before you can legally gamble in casinos. Minors found guilty of faking their age to gain entry to the casinos will be liable for a fine up to SGD1000.

How to gamble online in Singapore?

The answer is by using proxy servers and VPNs that change your location. Therefore, this creates a certain grey area for Singapore players. After all, if they use a proxy server or VPN and play on a European server, technically speaking they are playing a European game.

Gambling participation on the rise

In 2018, it was reported that more residents of Singapore were gambling. The biggest increase was people aged between 18 and 29 years old, where the number rose from 28% in 2014 to 41% in 2017.

In fact, of the 3000 Singapore residents that took part in the study, a lot of people from all age groups are gambling more than in previous years.

These numbers were taken from a study by the National Council of Problem Gaming, which occurs every three years. The study also found that 52% of the participants had taken part in at least one form of gambling, compared to 44% in 2014. The average monthly spending on gambling also increased SGD20 to 30 in the same time span. In terms of the most popular game, 4D lottery remains on top. 

Editing by Rachel Hu