DICJ Holds Explanatory Session on Casino Entry Ban for Wynn Team Members

The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) earlier delivered an explanatory session on the casino entry ban for Wynn team members at the Wynn Macau Ballroom.

Wynn remains committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and continuously promoting responsible gambling. Pursuant to the new amendments to the law “Regulating the Conditions of Entering, Working and Gaming at Casinos” (Law No. 10/2012, subsequently amended by Law No. 17/2018), the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) earlier delivered an explanatory session on the casino entry ban for Wynn team members at the Wynn Macau Ballroom, enabling them to fully understand the content of the policy and its implementation measures. The session was attended by 150 Wynn team members.

At the session, Leong Man Ion, Deputy Director of the , was invited as a guest speaker alongside other representatives, to explain in detail to the Wynn team members of the casino entry ban regarding gaming practitioners being banned from entering casinos when off-duty, as well as the existing measures of responsible gaming. Zuleika Mok, Senior Vice President of Human Resources of Wynn Macau, Limited, then went through the list of job positions regulated by the law, which deepened team members’ understanding of the regulation.

Wynn also hosted a series of internal communication activities, including the establishment of “Team Member Gambling and Entering Casinos” policy, posting promotional signage and video clips, distributing promotional leaflet, as well as organizing 16 roadshows in order to help team members understand more about the casino entry ban. Wynn has also set up a “Team Member Entering Casinos During Off-Duty Hours Permission Identification System” at the employee self-service kiosk, where team members can simply swipe their team member ID card to check whether they can enter Macau casinos during off-duty hours.

Through compliance with the regulation and internal communications, Wynn hopes to enrich team members’ knowledge towards responsible gambling and reduce the chance of employees getting involved in any form of gambling activities, thus lowering the risk of developing gambling problems. These initiatives further showcase the Company’s commitment to implementing responsible gambling, thereby facilitating healthy and sustainable growth in the gaming industry.

[Editor:Diana Chin]


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